Can the free shipping promotion and other discount promotions be used together?

No.  Our shopping cart is only programmed to allow one discount promotion at a time.  For instance, if you use our Free Shipping promotional code, FREESHIPPINGCOVID, you will not be allowed to enter another discount code.  Usually our discount codes have a minimum purchase, we recommend that if you are buying an item /items for a total of $200.00 or less, that you use the free shipping code.  However, if you buy items for an amount greater than $250.00 we recommend that you use the discount code.  The discount code most of the time will provide you with greater savings even if you have to pay for shipping.


Do we have a retail store location?

Yes. We are in the Seybold Building at 36 NE 1st Street Suite 133 Miami, Fl. 33132


How long have you been established in the Seybold Building?

We have been established in the same location since 1980.


Do we have a graduate gemologist on staff?

Yes. We have a graduate gemologist (GIA) on premises. The graduate gemologist (GIA) is part of our customer service team and provides certified appraisals. (Services described under appraisal services.)


Do you insure jewelry?

No. However our appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies that insure jewelry.


Do you provide insurance appraisals?

Yes. Every finished piece of fine jewelry or engagement ring sold by us of a value of $1000 or more will be accompanied by a full insurance evaluation.


What is provided in your insurance appraisal?

Every fine piece of jewelry, engagement ring or wedding band is broken down into detailed specifics that are requested by the jewelry insurance standards. We provide within that insurance appraisal photo copies of certificates and detailed angled photographs of the jewelry piece.


If I need an appraisal, how do I get one from you?

We highly recommend that you set an appointment date with our graduate gemologist (GIA). You can contact us at bosjewelers@gmail.com or 305-375-9130/305-374-6950 to set up an appointment. Please disclose what type of appraisal you are looking for and the piece of jewelry or watch that you would like to insure.


Do you have warranty on the jewelry you sell?

Yes. Our warranty on diamond or gemstone jewelry is covered for one year from date of purchase. That includes cleaning, polishing, prong tightening, and rhodium plating. The warranty also covers the loss of side diamonds, assuming through inspection that the loss was not caused by damage through intention or an accident that is out of one’s control.


Even without warranty, one should always insure your jewelry. Insurance covers both the loss of an entire ring and the loss of the center diamond.


Sizing and Orders


If I purchase a ring from you, do you charge extra for sizing?

Any ring purchased from us, first sizing is free. Please inform us before the size that you wish to have the ring sized to.  We will inform you beforehand if the ring can be sized.


If ring must be sized again after we sized it there is a minimal charge after that.


Do your custom make engagement rings or wedding bands?

Yes. We do custom make engagement rings or wedding bands. If you have an idea of an engagement ring but cannot seem to find it made we can custom make it to your specifications. We have a large inventory of engagement rings but if you want to tailor an engagement ring to your specifications we can do that.


How long do custom orders take?

Depending on the piece of jewelry or ring it can take anywhere from two to four weeks.


If you would like to know further on what the process is of the custom-made jewelry piece and quotations, you can contact us at bosjewelers@gmail.com


Do you engrave?

Yes. We can engrave rings, plates, bangles and pendants. We also engrave titanium and tungsten carbide wedding bands. We take 2-3 days to engrave. Any inquiries on pricing please contact us at 305-375-9130 or at bosjewelers@gmail.com


How do I find my ring size?

We will be more than glad to size your finger in our store. If you cannot visit us at our store, we recommend going into any jewelry store close to you and size your finger.


Can I place my order online?

Yes, you can place your order online.


I saw a piece of jewelry or ring and love it! How do I get to try it on?

We have an actual retail store with the entire inventory you see online present in our store. You can come and visit us and try it on for free.


What if I do not order the correct ring size and you already sized it?

First ring size is free. But if the ring must be re-sized, the fee in gold rings starts at $25 and in platinum rings $50.


Shipping charges for returned rings may apply. We ship the rings insured through UPS. Starting shipping fees are $20.


Eternity bands cannot be resized and must be completely re-done.


I have my own diamond but would like to purchase one of your settings? Can you set my diamond in your setting?


Yes. All the settings that we offer online can be purchased from us regardless if you have or have not bought the diamond or gemstone from us. Nevertheless, many rings must be tailored to fit your stone. Settings that fall in that category are solitaires, halos, or other unique setting designs. We cannot manufacture unless we know the exact specific size (millimeter) of the diamond or the gemstone.


In these situations, there are two options:

Number 1: By providing us the exact measurements of the diamond or gemstone. That is by millimeter specification length, width, and depth and shape of stone. Ring will be tailored to those specifications. If specifications of diamond or gemstone are sent wrong to us we will not be held accountable for wrong millimeter dimensions. Additional fees may apply.


Number 2: Sending us the diamond or gemstone to our store. We will contact you once the stone arrives and give you an order number.


To mount the stone in our settings starting fees can range from $40 to $250. Depending on the diamond or gemstone appraisal fees will apply.


To order any of the designs rings please contact us at 305-375-9130 or bosjewelers@gmail.com and we will provide you exact quotations for setting your diamond or gemstone as well the exact appraisal fees.


Important: While we have master jewelers and take precautions to ensure that your diamond or gemstone is properly mounted into our ring setting, BOSjewelers.com cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be occur during the setting process. Cubic zirconia, gemstones, gemstone simulants, diamond simulants, clarity enhanced diamonds, or any other diamond substitutes are delicate and prone to damage. Any diamond simulants, gemstones, gemstone simulants or clarity enhanced diamonds should be clearly marked when sent to our store.




Can I pay with two credit cards?



What is the credit card security code?

The security code number is a three-digit code located on your credit card. For Visa or Mastercard the code is a three-digit number and it is located on the back.


What types of payments do you accept?


Online only we only accept Mastercard or Visa.


Credit card orders can be placed over our secure server online. We do not accept credit card numbers over the telephone. If you want to remit payment and not online you can come physically to our store front location at 36 N.E. 1st Street Suite 133 Miami, FL. 33132


We do not accept money orders or check payments.


Please contact us at bosjewelers@gmail.com or 305-375-9130 for any further questions regarding payment.


When will my credit card be billed?

Your credit card will be billed at purchase.


Our Jewelry and Diamonds


Are any of our diamond’s clarity enhanced, color enhanced, laser treaded, or modified in any way?

BOS jewelers only sell diamonds that are 100% natural and they are untreated in any way.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will not issue a diamond grading report on diamonds that have been laser treated, clarity enhanced, color enhanced or modified in any way. So, purchasing our diamonds, which are all GIA certified, is another guarantee that your diamond is natural.


What are GIA Diamond Grading Reports?

A GIA diamond grading report assures you the quality of your diamond. GIA is the most recognized company in the trade for diamond grading. Each report details all specific characteristics of each diamond.


What quality of diamonds do you use on your engagement rings, bands, earrings and settings?


The smaller diamonds also known as melees are cut all over in the world and they come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.


In our engagement rings, settings, bands and earrings we use high quality goods. They are called collection goods. They fall within the high color and clarity characteristics.


In some of our promotional items which will be specified in their description, we will use commercial quality diamonds which consist in the I/J/K color and I 1 clarity.


Each and one of our engagement rings, settings, bands, earrings and pendants on BOSjewelers.com have a description on diamond weight and diamond qualities.


On your religious line, what is mother of pearl?

We use genuine mother of pearl in our children and religious jewelry line. It is a beautiful mineral that is created by living organisms. They are considered organic material and they are created by mollusks, either oysters or abalones.


Mother of pearl is somewhat delicate, and it is organic. It should be handled with care and not be exposed by solvents, perfumes, creams, or extreme temperatures; it can chip in certain instances. The best way to clean mother of pearl is with simple warm water and some dish washing soap.


What guarantee do you have on the children’s merchandise?

The earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from our children jewelry line is guaranteed 4 months from date of purchase. We only guarantee manufacture defects but do not guarantee mishandling of jewelry.




Are your shipments insured?

Yes. All the items shipped are fully insured during transit. All purchases require a signature at the time of the delivery.


Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

Yes. Please look at our shipping information section for more information.