A professionally rendered appraisal is an unbiased and impartial value conclusion determined using accepted value definitions. This conclusion of value is executed with knowledge in market analysis and research. It also involves the following:

  • Appraisement methodology
  • Personal property and evaluation
  • Specific assignment and purpose
  • A judicial public interest obligation
  • Detailed property description and value that insures indemnity. This is to assure that the insurance company would have all pertinent information to make the customer whole again in terms of money or a duplicate replacement.
  • Specific date of valuation
  • A rendered value that is supported by the presentation and analysis of the relevant market information
  • Report rendered by qualified and professional certified gemologist appraiser

Specialized Appraisals are needed for:

  • Private Individuals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Litigation Support / Expert Witness Services
  • Government & Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Jewelry Industry Professionals
  • Estate/ Successions

Jewelry Appraisals are important and complicated documents. It is highly recommended that only a GIA graduate gemologist is designated to provide gemological information in order to identify and authenticate the article submitted for evaluation.

Most insurance companies recommend Jewelry Appraisals be updated every two or three years. B.O.S.  Jewelers will provide a reduced fee for updated reports previously made by us, and free annual appraisals for anything purchased at B.O.S. Jewelers. Please contact us at

We offer the following types of Gemological Reports:

  • Insurance Appraisal Retail Replacement Value
    • This report is most commonly referred to as an insurance appraisal. This type of report is necessary for insuring your items against loss or damage. The accuracy and detail included in this report makes it possible to identify or have exact duplicates recreated of these precious items should they ever be lost or stolen.
  • Estate Evaluation
    • This type of appraisal is required whether you are an executor, a law firm, a guardian, or accounting firm in order to represent the client's best interest. We recognize that these personal items have invaluable sentimental or emotional attachment and consider all aspects of the comfort level of the owner.
  • Resale
    • This appraisal is needed when an owner decides to convert jewelry into immediate cash by selling the items.
  • Comparison
    • This report is for a client who brings in a jewelry or gemstone item to verify its identity and/or quality as claimed by the seller. Comparison appraisals usually reflect the item at its most common retail replacement value.
  • Donation / Gift
    • These reports are based on fair market value and are necessary for tax deductions of donated items.

The Appraisal Process

Initial consultation

What is a professional appraisal? The process begins as a consultation to determine the 'purpose' and 'function' of the appraisal, which in turn determines the approach to value. This usually answers the questions to the nature of the value placed upon the item(s) to be appraised. These issues directly affect the realm of 'value' needed to pursue the facts regarding the items to be discussed.

Taking-in Process

For protection, when you leave your valuables with us, we will document all pieces to give you a detailed receipt. This documentation would include the plotting of all major diamonds and color gemstones and also include a pictorial record for a better description. When you come back to pick your jewelry, we will match the diamonds with the original plotting we gave you. In addition, you would like to know all your valuables are protected by our insurance company.

Our Internal Research & Procedure

After the initial examination, the items are researched, pertinent information required to conclude the appraisal is gathered, and a value is assigned.
The appraisal analysis, opinions, conclusions, and report will be prepared in conformity with and subject to the following:

  • According to the National Association of Jewelry Appraisals which are the highest in the jewelry industry
  • The Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Appraisals


Our three major appraising goals

  1. An estimate of value for the intended use of the appraisal report.
  2. A tool to help you to identify your valuables and document their current description, condition and quality.
  3. Provide you with a professional appraisal report, with very detailed gemological information to avoid unnecessary issues with an insurance claim or for any other intended use.

Information included in the report


Detailed description of the jewelry
Photographs of each piece of jewelry
Description of metal types and weights
Stone types, weights and dimensions
Identification of diamond characteristics for all stones over .50 carats
Karat stampings, trademarks, copyrights, hallmarks, serial numbers, etc. to show authenticity
Copy of laboratory reports or certificates
Declared value

Important note: If you already have documents, such as historical or family records, certificates, receipts, previous appraisal reports, or any other important information about the items, we ask that you bring them in along with your jewelry. It may be important to be documented in our final report.

Our Rates

Fee for Standard Service Appraisals

Our fees are based on a per piece rate or if more than 20 pieces an hourly rate. See price guide below.
The final fee will reflect the total amount of time spent on the appraisal, including take-in, cleaning and inspection of the jewelry, research and documentation, photography, preparation of the final documents, contacting the customer and delivering the items.

If you have multiple pieces of jewelry, we do advise bringing them all in at the same time. Appraising multiple items on the same report will save both time and money.
Contact us at to make an appointment or call us directly in Miami: 305-375-9130 or mobile phone 786-589-3076.

Fee for Express appraisals

Our express appraisal service is designed to allow you the opportunity to be present during the appraisal process, or to receive the final documents by the next business day. Our fee for this express appraisal service is higher than our standard appraisal fee, it will be double the standard fee. This service is available by appointment only for a customer who wishes to wait while we clean, inspect, research, evaluate, document, photograph, and prepare the final document.   Please contact us at or call us directly in Miami: 305-375-9130 or mobile 786-589-3076 for more information.

Fee for updating appraisal reports:

Most insurance companies and other entities recommend or may require that your jewelry be re-evaluated every two or three years. This is due to fluctuation or changes in market conditions and to verify that the quality of the items remains as stated in our previous appraisal.  We recommend having your appraisals updated every other year. This will insure you have enough insurance protection when it is needed, and therefore this will avoid paying unnecessary, excessive premiums. We offer you a reduced fee for the re-evaluation of your items. Since we have on file pictures and detailed work already performed by us, the fee to update our own appraisal report is 1/2 the current rate at the time of the requested service.

For our Appraisal Services

Our Appraisal reports are specifically designed for the intended or declared use of the evaluation of the items and for the contracted client only. Any other use by other individuals or third parties not listed in our document is forbidden.

For an appraisal report, we understand the complete and full report, not only its data page. The body of the report can only be understood within the scope and limitation of its supporting documentation.

 Our major goals in appraising your jewelry

  • An estimate of value for the intended use of the appraisal report.
  • A tool to help you to identify your valuables and document their current description, condition and quality.
  • Provide you with a professional appraisal report, with very detailed gemological information to avoid unnecessary issues with an insurance claim or for any other intended use.

Do I have to leave my jewelry to have it appraised?

You may leave your jewelry for appraisal or schedule an appointment to wait and watch while the appraisal is performed. Appointments cannot be scheduled on same day. All customers who choose to leave their jewelry with us will receive a receipt for all of the pieces which includes a detailed repair ticket with descriptions and declared values. Your jewelry will also be protected and insured while in our possession.

Fees for Standard Appraisals

Item sold from B.O.S. Jewelers - Waived


Report update for an item from B.O.S. Jewelers




Solitaire Diamond Ring


Below 1.00ct single stone


Over 1.00ct

$100 per carat





Single strand of pearls or beaded jewelry


Double strand of pearls or beaded jewelry


Pearl Jewelry






Current watch


Vintage Watch


Diamond and/or gemstones 

$125 per carat 





Platinum, gold or silver jewelry - no stones

$50 per piece

Item with single gemstone

Over 1.00ct


$100 per carat

Item with multiple gemstones

Under 1.00ct


Over 1.00ct 

$150 per carat

 Unique item


Multiple Items


2 to 3 items on a single report


4 to 5 items on a single report




Verbal Reports 


This consultation of appraisal may be converted to a full-size, extensively detailed appraisal report at the time of the service is provided.


Single gemstone - verbal


Multiple gemstones - verbal

$20 per stone

Metal test - verbal






Out of Office


Appraisals (plus travel time and list price per item)

$200 per hour

Legal consultation - one hour minimum

$250 per hour

Court time and depositions - half day minimum


*Note that these fees may vary and are subject to change at any time without notice